Believe it or not that was a question that I was asked recently. I was a little taken aback, it is not really clear to me what empty baked bean cans or potato peelings from the rich and famous would reach on the open market?

“Oh no it is not that kind of trash” the caller explained, this is good trash, mail trash. Well I will admit that my interest level went up a little, what kind of mail trash could he be talking about? What dark secrets lay in OJ Simpson’s discarded mail?

I gave little more thought about the subject until the familiar UPS truck stopped outside my door, unfortunately a not uncommon occurance in my world. The box was pretty large, and pretty heavy, too big to be a book or DVD’s. Inside was a very large loose leaf binder with the OJ Simpson trash.

I have to admit that it was illuminating, once again proof that one mans garbage is another mans gold. I sat down and started to read. While I did not find ‘the smoking gun’. I did find lots to think about. Not least of which was why some of this material had not been shredded.

Some of the more juice(y) items are some legal documents from the attorneys representing the Goldman family, various cell phone invoices, including the Call Detail of one very close family member. One thing became clear from the bill’s OJ Simpson does not like to pay them on time.

Two documents that caught me eye refer to a lien on his property by the IRS, a minor issue with an unpaid $1.2 million unpaid tax problem!

Maybe the most entertaining set of documents are those that concern his bond following the Las Vegas armed robbery. I found it interesting that OJ Simpson thought so little of this legal contract that he would toss it. Of course this is the bond that OJ Simpson welched on paying the $37,000 premium. He has initialed all the right spots, and put his signature in the right place. Somehow we just forgot to actually pay the $37,000.

Other treasures in this cache surprized me. I had asumed that after the double murder trial OJ’s fan base would have dropped to zero. That is not the case. People still send him notes, cards, and requests. One letter came from a teacher, inviting OJ to address her class! I rolled my eyes in amazement.

All of this delightfull and thought provoking trash was lifted from OJ’s garbage while he was out on bond in Florida and awaiting trial in Las Vegas.

So I will return to my original question, what is OJ’s trash worth? I will be interested in hearing peoples thoughts.

I am no longer in possession of this file, I have returned it to the owner, but I do know that it is up for sale.

Simon Barrett

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