In this day and age, it is difficult to get people to clearly tell you what they believe and support. It’s pretty much impossible to get this honesty from politicians. I have decided to air out my views on a variety of topics, at the risk of possibly alienating a few. I believe it is important to honestly give people an assessment of where you are coming from, and it is also a nice way to rant a little, so here it goes…The Manifesto of Ron, if you will:

1. I BELIEVE AMERICA IS GOOD…that’s right, contrary to the worldwide “apology tour” Barack Obama has been on since assuming duties as President, I believe values and principles established in the founding of this great nation have changed the world in a very positive way over the past 234 years. Have we made mistakes as a nation? Of course, but we most assuredly do not owe the world any apologies for our track record of promoting liberty, removing tyranny, feeding the hungry, rescuing every third world nation from natural disasters, etc., etc.

2. I BELIEVE IN CAPITALISM…Sorry Michael Moore! As much as you attempt to villainize it, you are a huge hippocrite, as you could not have gotten where you are today without it. All you Hollywood leftist, elitist morons, listen up! I know most of you have the IQ of Forrest Gump, but you need to know that “evil capitalism” you lobby against every day is what has created your multi-million dollar mansions, cars, servants, and your ability to fly off to Africa on a whim and adopt little Ndugu for your nanny to raise. Do some people get ahead in a capitalist system via corrupt means, and at the expense of the “little guy?” Yes, but as a whole the system of capitalism is the only long term successful system there is, and it is most definitely the fairest system. It gives the individual all of the liberty and freedom to pursue and accomplish whatever goals and dreams they may have in life. It merely requires that each individual add their own EFFORT and HARD WORK, which seems to be a hangup for many.

I will continue with, ” The Manifesto of Ron” tomorrow with points 3 and 4…and maybe even 5 if I’m feeling froggy, but for now I must go to work to make a living for myself and my family. For you socialists, it’s that little thing I mentioned about “effort and hard work.” It’s a liberty the lazy and non-producing population of our country are more than willing to give away in return for the government taking care of their needs. I end Part 1 of my manifesto with a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

Part 2 tomorrow

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