Okay, before I move on to the next installment of Ron’s Manifesto, I must comment on some of the feedback I received on the first article. I find it amazing that you can title an article “What I Believe” and still anger so many people, as though they do not believe you should be allowed an opinion if it differs from their viewpoint. I also find it amusing that the extreme left will go to any length to destroy and/or water down an opinion which does not coincide with their plan for our country. I also received quite a bit of positive feedback, which is always appreciated. Okay, enough reflections from yesterday. On with today!

3. IF YOU’RE A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY YOU ARE AN AMERICAN!! Quite simply, just as I am not a German-American or a Polish-American, you are not an Asian-American, African-American, Latino-American, or any other (insert multi-cultural tag here)-American. We are all Americans, and this constant attempt by liberals to water down and/or demonize American culture and identity by separating Americans by their origins from other countries is somewhat racist in itself. Our school children are being taught to celebrate every different culture in the world except for American culture, and it is slowly eroding our identity as a nation.

4. I BELIEVE IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT. That’s right. I’m one of those evil supporters of an American citizens right to bear arms. Do tragedies happen in this country from time to time involving guns? Yes, but it is a knee-jerk, emotional, and most importantly incorrect decision to think that outlawing gun ownership is the answer. Firearms in the possession of honest Americans is a deterrent to violent crime in our country. The type of person that commits violent crimes in this nation with guns does not have any regard for any laws, much less gun laws. The only thing that will stop them is another individual with a gun. Quite simply, guns are not bad, some people are bad. This naive attempt to label guns as the problem is irresponsible, and is just another way our society is attempting to not hold people accountable for their actions.

This takes me to my next rant which I will have to continue on Monday, as I must get ready for work now.

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