Two jail guards in Michigan were fired for what they call a “prank” on an inmate. The two guards were eating a meal when the conversation apparently turned to what they could get an inmate to do for a piece of pie. This on its own is not a despicable thing, but when an inmate is let out of his cell and humiliated, that is. The inmate offered that he would streak in exchange for the piece of cherry pie, and the officers obliged. Not only is it appalling that the inmate was let out of his cell in strict violation of regulations, but then he was humiliated to satisfy the guards’ boredom.

If this act happened in corporate America, surely there would be criminal repercussions, but what was the fate for these two guards? They were fired, no criminal charges were brought against them, and their union is even appealing their firing stating that the punishment was too harsh. While this man they humiliated is an inmate, it does not make it okay for people in authority to misuse their power for any reason. While I applaud the powers-that-be for taking action in firing them, that still does not send a strong enough message. How are we to have faith in authority figures when they constantly take advantage of power? And pity on the guards that don’t abuse their power or allow themselves to be corrupted. This incident occurred in August and is just now being addressed which raises another question-Do the prisons even know what goes on in their own house? Apparently not.

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