There have been some recent media reports about the precarious world of gay republicans serving in positions of power. And we, the public, regardless of politics or orientation, have to be left to wonder: WHAT gay republicans?

It’s amazing that, for so long, Foley managed to keep his secret and live his life without exposure. This guy had a gay partner, went to social events, kept up an elaborate ruse. It makes you wonder what other members of Congress are hiding in the closet, or keeping a mistress, or have love children born, secretly, in the red states they represent with moral fervor. Inquiring minds want to know.

We, the public, are left hungry for more. Tell us about the elaborate deceptions, the fabulous parties, the lies and compromises. It doesn’t stop at Foley, and it surely doesn’t stop with republicans. Inquiring minds want more, more, more. All Congress, all Senate, all scandal, all the time. We want videos, we want IM’s, we want emails, and we sure want photographs and audio tape. The appetite for lurid detail, like the gaping maw of Hell, is never full, is never satisfied, and yet cries out to be satiated. Who will deny the public what it wants, and what it wants is SEX SCANDAL.  

But then again…while our nation was caught up in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, barking for blood, weren’t there bad and violent men plotting things against our distracted country?

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