At their core, blog websites are vehicles for the written content they contain, but they are all equal. If you are thinking about building – or commissioning – a custom blog website, then there are several things you should keep in mind that will affect just how successful your blog is likely to be. Here are some basic elements that every successful blog website should have.

Good SEO

Optimizing your blog website for search engine success is pretty crucial if you want to find a large audience for your writing. Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for short – is anything that improves how search engines like Google rank your website. You can do basic SEO yourself – using keywords correctly and including metadata with your images. More complex SEO campaigns are rather time-consuming and are best carried out by a professional agency. Mobile compatibility seriously improves your chances of ranking high with search engines.

Manageable Comments

Community and communication are essential to any successful blog. Comments sections can be wonderful places. Readers and bloggers can connect over shared passions and link up with peers that they would never have met otherwise. Unfortunately, comments sections can get a little bit out of hand. Nobody wants to be faced with abuse on their website. For this reason, it is important to implement some kind of screening system for comments. This can include manual approval to filter out abuse and automated screening to filter out bots – which can be a real nuisance.


The real star of any blog website should be the actual writing content. Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to get distracted by the nitty-gritty of a website while forgetting what you actually need to be doing: producing great writing. It might be best to leave the actual design of your website to some professional web designers like ALT Agency in Birmingham. Getting too bogged down in designing your own website can hinder your ability to find inspiration for your writing.

Developing your writing can sometimes involve taking some time away from blogging. Although posting regularly is considered good practice, it can occasionally put you under too much pressure and impact the quality of your writing. If you feel rushed or know deep down that you are putting out bad content, just take a little bit of time off to find genuine inspiration.

Links to Social Media Platforms

Just as all roads once led to Rome, all links need to lead to and from your blog website. No doubt you have already got plenty of presence on social media platforms. If not, spread yourself about! Make sure that all of your social media accounts link back to your blog page. This creates a hub between all of your spots on the internet and is more likely to attract new readers. It essentially creates a networked internet presence that leads the largest possible number of people to what you want them actually to see: your writing.

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