Proving once again that there is nothing democratic or open about unions, the Seattle Teachers union has successfully convinced Judge Julie Spector, a pliant activist judge, that no one should be allowed to view emails sent over government servers. Even worse, like most Democrat shills for unions, a Seattle Public School attorney rolled over and didn’t even fight for the public’s right to open records.

The dispute arose when an undisclosed, private citizen filed to see these emails created on government computers (Seattle Public Schools) and sent through government servers but was denied when the SEA went to court to stop the release of these public records, claiming that union business was none of yours — despite that the unions were using government equipment to send and create them.

Even though this pliant judge sided with the union, it is far from clear that these emails should be buttoned up, out of sight of the public.

Despite the union’s protests–and a King County Superior Court judge’s temporary ruling sealing the e-mails–the e-mails may not be so private. According to Kristin Alexander, spokeswoman for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, “E-mails sent over public computers are public,” although Alexander notes that “there are certain exemptions.”

This action and the weak response from the city attorney will only embolden those who want secrecy in government and freeze out open and transparent government.

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