When someone makes a statement like “The only education we should be interested in is Christian education”, it might earn brownie points with certain fanatics.

However,  it really needs to be clarified before the wider scope of the Church can endorse it.

For example, does the person making the statement include the entire breadth of human knowledge derived from reflection upon the creation and applications deduced from such cogitation? 

If so, the statement can be endorsed. 

If the postulator means that the true believer should only concern themselves with those areas carved out as exclusively as “religious”, they are sadly mistaken. 

For while the decree would seem to highlight the piety of the person making it, it is woefully inadequate to the complexity of the epistemological realities in which we find ourselves. 

This is especially brought to light when the person is making such a proclamation over Internet technology in general and Facebook in particular. 

For while the scientific advances making such wondrous technological breakthroughs possible are based upon principles established by God, I am not sure these devices would have come into existence by those that only sat around having the Scriptures drilled into their heads in a manner reminiscent of cultic brainwashing.

By Frederick Meekins

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