Yes folks, hard though it is to believe Mark Fuhrman has hung up his LAPD badge (actually I think they asked for it back), he has renounced his Nazi affiliations with the Aryan Race movement, and where is he now?

For those of you that don’t recall the name, Mark Fuhrman was one (of several) that suffered through the career ending OJ Simpson trial. He was ripped to shreds on the stand, vilified, and called just about every name in the Ebonics dictionary. Mark slunk off to the wilds of (I think) Montana, no doubt with the idea of forming his own militia. It is rumored that even tanks are for sale in Montana, you just need the right contacts. Fuhrman’s background came to be part of the Circus. It can be argued that if you sling enough mud pies at the wall, some will stick. The difference with Fuhrman is that all the pies stuck!

Of course this all happened over 10 years ago. OJ Simpson is still searching for the one armed golf caddy that killed his ex wife and friend. Oh, and OJ might be set for a new NFL record, he currently holds the ‘most deaths in a single evening for a Heisman trophy winner’ award, and he may well be getting the ‘Most egregious armed robbery award’ following his antics last fall in Las Vegas.

In fact rumor has it that OJ Simpson has played just about every golf course in the lower 48, apart from California. I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that the Goldman family are owed over $30 million. Hey, Fred, have you considered asking Duane ‘The Dog’ Bountyhunting Chapman to bring him in?

Fox News sets a pretty low bar on who they employ. In the case of Mark Fuhrman the bar must have been set lower than a snakes belly! This link includes some of Mark’s words of wisdom.

So what would you ask someone that has admitted in court about their racism, and pro white feelings to do for a living? Fox think that he should be involved in the Caylee Anthony case. I can think of no one less capable of offering ‘color’ commentary than this guy.

What happened Mark, the militia idea didn’t pay enough?

One has to give Fox credit where credit is due. At no point did they put Mark Furhman in the situation where someone could ask “So Mark, what evidence did you mess with in this case?”

Simon Barrett

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