REXANO Editorial by Zuzana Kukol,

Las Vegas, NV (10/21/2007)—The answer is Pahrump, until recently, a small Nevada town 1 hour west of busy Las Vegas. Pahrump is supposedly derived from the Southern Paiutes Indian word ‘pah’ that means water, so loose translation of the name Pahrump would be ‘water butt’ or ‘water rump’ or ‘water donkey’.

‘Water butt’ is situated in southern Nye County, which happens to be 3rd largest county in continental USA when it comes to square miles, but has only around 40,000 inhabitants.  Most is owned by US government: The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), air force, military test range and Yucca mountain nuclear waste repository. It is near famous Area 51, just across Lincoln county line, with all the UFO hysteria.  

Pahrump is the biggest town in Nye county, with legal brothels, mostly smoking and booze ingesting population believing in Constitution, in English as only language and second amendment demonstrated by the widespread gun ownership, and legal stores with fireworks, illegal almost anywhere else, at every corner. One casino even has door handles in the shape of a big cowboy revolver. 

The peaceful “leave me alone and I do the same” way of life has been in the last few years invaded by a very dangerous, arrogant, invasive and unregulated species called ‘California city slickers’.

Being attracted by no state income tax, wide open spaces, sunny weather and cheaper housing, they migrated here in droves, and then decided they missed the old home and wanted to change the old way of life to make it look like ‘home’.

Instead of doing the respectable and smart thing, pack and go home, they got government jobs and started introducing crazy ordinances, such as attempting to regulate very dangerous exotic animals: goldfish and chinchillas, which would require 1 million dollar insurance each and unannounced  inspections from sheriff. Well, OK, these people were so clueless, they couldn’t get their definitions right last year, so this year’s draft eliminated the goldfish and insurance part, and only required that certain animals, such as very dangerous Bengal cat weighing about 10 pounds be banned on properties under 2 acres; on bigger properties it needs to get ‘conditional use permit’ and approval of planning commission and neighbors within 300 yards or whatever planning commission feels like requiring that day.

Some ‘special mental condition people’ were so set on having this ordinance pass on upcoming October 24th, 2007 Board of Commissioners hearing, that on October 11th 2007, an anonymous caller made an early morning phone call claiming there was an orange tiger at large near a  school bus stop. Not knowing the call was a hoax (well, what serious person wouldn’t identify themselves?), the sheriff, emergency service and animal control worked hard to find a phantom tiger and escorted scared kids to the school.

Even though this tiger at large created a total public hysteria, local media was smart enough not to fall for this April 1st type of prank, and as reported in the Oct. 17, 2007 Pahrump Valley Times, PVT,  Nye County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Bill Becht bluntly put it, “There was no tiger.” 

That didn’t stop UFO forums from reporting on “Strange animal behavior near Area 51” and come up with all kinds of theories:

Hmmm intriguing. If there ARE any weird experiments going on at Area 51 i would think at least one of them have to be concerning the mind and psychological experiments. Maybe Remote Viewers/ or MK ULTRA sort of things, and the animals are being affected. 

OK, enough joking. The tiger at large was truly a hoax, but has nothing to do with Area 51 or UFOs experiments. Note this phantom tiger incident happened only two weeks before a controversial Pahrump animal zoning hearing – very suspicious timing.

Evidence from recent years shows that increases in suspicious dead and live exotic animal dumping or hoax sightings across the country appears directly related to the legislation on private ownership of exotic and wild animals. By instantly blaming private owners and increasing fear of exotic animal attacks during the legislative session, these staged incidents influence the legislators into passing taxpayers’ money-wasting bills at the height of media and public hysteria. 

There needs to be a way to trace the callers of these tiger sightings and find out how legit they were.

This is not any different from somebody calling in a fake bomb scare that creates unjustified hysteria and causes government resources to be wasted on pursuing a nonexistent threat. This is terrorism.This needs to be investigated and the guilty parties brought to justice and punished, whoever they are.

In any case, this city slickers proposed animal zoning ordinance has many flaws, as Mark Smith, editor of PVT puts it:

… My feeling is that the American people — even those in Pahrump — have a right to act legally without being bothered…. there is also a “right to privacy,” to be left the heck alone when you’re not annoying your neighbors or breaking the law. And even if you are suspected of fracturing the law, the state still has to proceed carefully or risk being shown the door when it goes to court…. Zoning needs to make sense, period. It should not be used as a plaything for personal agendas or an excuse for groups or individuals to promote fear and ignorance….

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