Well at first sight not much other than they both very likely are murderers, and they both sit behind bars, a location that may well prove to be their final resting place.

There is one more thing they have in common, both of these stories are going to be explored Sunday on our News In Reviews radio program.

At 2PM we are going to be exploring the OJ Simpson story, and we have a very special guest attorney Peter Haven. Peter has been involved with the Goldman families ongoing attempts to recover the now over $30 million dollars awarded them after OJ Simpson was found guilty in the civil trial of causing the deaths of Nicole Brown Smith, his ex wife, and a young waiter Ron Goldman. Peter Haven and his fellow attorney David Cook have dogged OJ for a couple of years. Often having to trade straight attorney work to that more akin of a Financial Pathologist. If there was a Heisman Trophy for financial shenanigans I have no doubt that OJ would be a strong contender. He managed to squirrel away over $600k in a book advance by setting up a sham corporation under his children’s name, and leaving them to deal with the fallout when it declared bankruptcy. Now I likely don’t qualify as a candidate for Father Of The Year, but that is a position that I would never put my children in.

Joining me to talk with Peter Haven is the always entertaining and plain spoken Sean Krause. When I mentioned this show to him, his comment was something like “OH, really, I have always wanted an opportunity to get at an insider in this case”.

All I can say is, don’t miss this show, it will be explosive!

At 3PM we will once again be returning to the Caylee Anthony story. Todays sad, but not unexpected news that the bones found by a meter reader are indeed those of the missing toddler is one more piece of the puzzle in the ever growing case against mom Casey Anthony. The groups supporting the Anthony grandparents have been evaporating faster than moonshine spilled on a hot summers day. Suddenly Cindy and George Anthony are on their own, there are no more wild goose chases to go on. They can do no more to diffuse the heat on their daughter Casey.

But, as an astute observer pointed out, ok, they have the body, but they still do not have conclusive proof that Casey Anthony is the killer. Will Casey ever admit guilt? Well our team at BNN will be talking about all of the developments. I will be joined by my wife Jan, Ms. Pickles is bound to have a lot of input, and once again Sean Krause will be joining us from New York.

Many people think of Sunday afternoons as a time for watching football, well folks, there will be more action here on Blogger News than a Super Bowl. To listen in, just point your browser to www.bloggernews.net and at 2PM Sunday CST click on our Listen Live icon.

Simon Barrett


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