Being a mother of two myself I can honestly say I know what I am saying when it comes to how a mother feels in her heart about her kids. There is no other joy like giving birth. You take them and care for them as they grow. You teach them how to do things such as walk and talk.

So often our children grow up they change in stages. When they are babies they want Mom there with them to do everything for them. Suddenly when they are starting kindergarten and they are about to board that bus going to school on their first day they want to do it on their own.

I remember my oldest on his first day of kindergarten. I thought he would cry for me when I dropped him off but it was completely different. It was I that was crying. I kept expecting him to look back and see me and then start crying wanting to come back home but he didn’t. He marched right into class all on his own. I was so proud of him but I have to admit a part of me was scared. This meant my son was growing up and I wasn’t prepared to let him go.

That was the beginning of all the little things made for Mom’s at school. Both of my sons would bring things from school like their hands traced on paper made as a keepsake, or Mother’s Day Cards made from their own little hands colored at school. Or even flowers cut out from construction paper made into a bouquet were special to me and they were all I needed from him.

The problem is once they get older and out of that stage they want to start buying gifts. There are gifts like a single rose, or a potted plant was always nice. Mother’s Day Cards are really nice too as long as they are personally signed which to me is more important than what is on the card.

When the kids grow up and leave home and get families of their own they tend to find it harder as to what to buy Mom that she doesn’t have already. Well I have a few ideas that might help those that have come to a complete blank on ideas.

If you live close enough to her why not pick her up and take her out for lunch on Mother’s Day. A lot of restaurants offer specials for Mother’s Day. If going out for lunch isn’t an option how about cooking her favorite meal for her. A photo album of family and friends for a keepsake would be nice. Buy some popcorn and rent a DVD and spend time with her watching the movie.

If you live far away a gift certificate to one of your Mom’s favorite store would be nice. How about a gift certificate for the spa, let her have a day for herself, or send her tickets to the theater.

The point is a Mom just needs to be remembered and appreciated. There are so many things one can do for their mother that wouldn’t cost much but it would show Mom how much you care. Let her know that even though you may not tell her thanks for all she has done for you every day that you haven’t forgotten her. Give her that one special day out the year. A Mother deserves that!

One last thing that I can think of for a son or a daughter to give their Mother on Mother’s Day is something very simple. Pick up the phone and say, “I love you Mom”.

Jan Barrett

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