“A group of Pagans in Albemarle County, Va., was recently given permission to advertise their multi-cultural holiday program to public school children – and they have the Rev. Jerry Falwell to thank for it.”

The opening paragraph gave me the giggles to start so I knew it HAD to be good. The article talks about something called “backpack mail”, basically meaning that as long as a school doesn’t sponsor it or make it ‘official’ that students can pass around notices and such to events that aren’t school sponsored such as, for example, bible school, special church events, services, etc.

It appears that it was mostly used by Christian denominations but the local Pagans that are affiliated with the Unitarian-Universalist congregation in Charlottesville used the same system to advertise an upcoming event, using a Pagan twist. Now, as you would guess, the uproar has begun. Parents do not like it because it is Pagan based and discusses things they don’t like. Other churches didn’t like it. And the war has begun…

Firstly, it comes down to if one sect can do it the Pagans can as well. You can’t allow one and not the other it is that simple. Second, it shows the reason WHY there should be a separation of church and state. Not everyone agrees with what different religions teach, that is shown with this. If you allow the Christians to do these things you must also allow the Pagans, Wiccans, Jews, Muslims, those who practice Satanism, Voodoo, Santeria, etc. to do the same thing, no exceptions. Just because someone may not like the religion the flier talks about doesn’t mean they can ban them from doing so unless they ban them all. It’s called equal rights.

Thirdly, this shows one of the reasons there should and is the separation between church and state. Rev. Falwell pushed this in and made it an issue now those that most benefited from that is the ones complaining. Sorry, you should have thought about this issue ahead of time. You opened the door and now ALL get to come through it. Like it or not, those are the rules.

But the issue most aren’t even discussing and are totally overlooking is these… why not learn about the other faith? Why not allow your children to learn about Paganism to dispel the nasty rumors and out and out lies about it? Isn’t learning about other faiths part of children’s education? The demonization of Pagans and Wiccans by other faiths has gone on for centuries and continues to this day. Even in a time of tolerance there is still many out and out lies that are still touted as the gospel truth about them and are used to, quite bluntly, terrorize and hound those that practice those faiths. Crimes against earth-based worshippers happen all the time and people justify them by their religion. Isn’t that what the pilgrims came to the US to get AWAY from? So why now do the followers of the same religion they were do the same thing to those of other faiths? Sad state of affairs. Think about that…The US allows freedom of religion, that is ALL religions not just different flavors of the one kind. Paganism is a religion and is allowed.

But if it hadn’t been Paganism that started the mess another religion would have come alone and done it eventually. When you mix government and religion this is what you get. Like it or not the door was opened and the Pagans walked in. The old adage of be careful what you wish for wasn’t considered and this is what happens. You can’t have it both ways! The door was opened and the Pagans walked through. Good for them!


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