According to school officials a problem pipe at Western Middle School that is believed to contain asbestos does not pose any danger to members of staff or students. Extra precautions are being taken whilst the leaky pipe is fixed, but the principle of the school said that the pipe does not pose any danger.

The school has called in specialists to make sure that the piping is properly fixed, but the principle said that parents and staff members should not worry about being exposed to asbestos because they are not in danger of this.

She stated: “There are absolutely no issues with asbestos, and nothing that is airborne. Believe me, if there was an asbestos threat, we’d be out of here. I’m not going to endanger my students, my staff or myself.”

However, another official said that the problem of asbestos in schools needed to be addressed, even if it was thought that it did not pose any immediate danger. He said: “If there’s any doubt, take it out. When it comes to children, asbestos and mold, it should all come out. It shouldn’t even be a question.”

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