I made a deal with myself, I will not talk about stupid people. But I do have to make an exception, the Westboro Baptist Church have transcended stupidity. Who are they? They are the nutcases that picketed the funerals of brave young people that lost their lives fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for the US. They are also the nut jobs that decided that the best path to international peace and understanding would be to burn a few copies of the Koran.

Yup, these people need some help. I have nothing against free speech, I am very much a proponent, but I like to see it used in a constructive way. Westboro Baptist Church seem to have no feelings for anyone but themselves. I find this strange. It goes against everything I have ever encountered in any religion.

My beliefs may not be your beliefs but I respect them. I would not get into an argument with the Pope over Contraception or abortion, these are in my mind personal issues. I most certainly would not make a ruckus at some Muslims facing Mecca and praying. While I do see some humor in the Jewish ritual of nodding their head at the wailing wall, if I was there, I would have nothing but respect. Religion is a very personal thing. It should be respected.

The Westboro Baptist Church seems to respect nothing. In their latest escapade they turned up in Moore. Oklahoma. This was the site of a devastating Tornado last year. The community is still recovering. People including children died. A picture is worth a thousand words:


Westboro has been in Moore, Oklahoma to protest a business owner who made a marquee they didn’t like…They also protested today the deaths of our beautiful children in last May’s tornadoes..The whole town showed up today in support..They were allowed to protest for only a few minutes, as the crowd was quite large and quite agitated. The police escorted them out.. CNN

This is actually a toned down version. The cops arrived and the Westboro nut jobs ran for their cars and hightailed it out of town before the lynch mob got them.

While I have no wish for war, I would love to send them to Crimea and see what they can do. Putin might like them, the anti gay sentiment is one that might go down well. And we would be rid of these loons.

Simon Barrett

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