In a late Diwali night media release West Bengal Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi has set some political fireworks off with these remarks

In a statement to the media Governor Gandhi has said, “The manner in which the recapture of Nandigram villages is being attempted is totally unlawful and unacceptable. A large number of armed persons from outside the district have, it is undeniable, forced themselves onto villages in Nandigram Block one and two for territorial assertion. Thousands of villages have consequently been intimidated into leaving their homes. No government or society could allow a war zone to exist without immediate and effective action”, he said.

The Governor’s remarks should leave no one in doubt that the West Bengal Government did not do its duty in upholding the constitution and rule of law when it willingly connived with the CPI-M party to wage war on the very people it swore to protect.

On 7th Nov Offstumped had chronicled how this war was waged. The next day Offstumped had highlighted how Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee slept over the warning signals to allow this war to be waged. The latest events are a culmination of a 11 month saga that saw its worst withpolice shooting on innocents in March.  A week later Offstumped highlighted how the media belatedly expressed token remorse. The Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi lead UPA Government has been delinquent in holding the Prakash Karat lead CPI-M to account.

Given the manner in which the media and the conscience keepers have reacted to events in BJP ruled Gujarat in the past, it is surprising that there has not even been a semblance of critcisim let alone activism in holding the CPI-M to account.

Offstumped Bottomline: Governor Gopal Gandhi’s remarks have blown the cover off Brand Buddha. The time for holding the CPI-M to account for its sacrilege of democracy and the constitution. It is time for Manmohan Singh to act and impose President’s rule in West Bengal.

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