It seems no matter how much you make, it’s never enough. Actor Wesley Snipes, who has been in over fifty movies, produced over ten movies and an endless list of TV credits, has been indicted. Wesley Snipes, best known for his starring role as a Vampire in the ‘Blade’ trilogy has shocked the Entertainment world. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) claims and estimate of $12M in taxes is owed by Snipes.
The 44 year old actor has failed to file 6 years of income tax returns along with filing fraudulent refund claims in 1996 and 1997. If convicted, Snipes is looking at up to 16 years in a federal prison.
This doesn’t seem to be the first time Snipes has had a run in with authorities. He was detained at Johannesburg International Airport in 2005, when he allegedly tried to pass through customs with a fraudulent South African passport. His cooperation in the investigation with the Immigration branch, allowed him to return to the U.S. with his valid U.S. passport. An explanation as to the forged documents has never been given. His immigration status in South Africa remains undesirable.

Federal authorities have yet to make an arrst on Snipes for his tax evasion. his whereabouts remain unknown. He is urged to turn himself in voluntarily.

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