Today the Judge in the Wesley Snipes trial finally had had enough of the hijinks and ordered Wesley Snipes to begin the three year sentence for tax evasion that had been handed down in 2008.

Snipes was not in the courtroom (according to my sources) and the judge has ordered him to report to a law enforcement location to begin his ‘Club Fed’ all expenses paid vacation.

One has to wonder if Wesley Snipes will try to recreate his Blade role? He has his passport, plenty of cash, might he head for the border?

Only time will answer that question.

Sources claim that Snipes grossed $38 million in the period 2000-2006. However, at the recommendation of his financial consultant Kenneth Starr, Wesley Snipes opted out of the tax paying grind. I seem to remember the terms ‘unconstitutional’, and ‘illegal’ being used in the original trial.

I guess the IRS represent a vampire that not even Wesley Snipes can dodge.

Todays ruling was not entirely surprising, but it certainly caught the press off guard. I received a phone call from a good press friend of mine who was in the Ocala, Florida area, “Damn it, we had people on the story, damn it, we were not in the courtroom”.

So the question remains, what will Snipes do? He has had time to move assets around, he has had ample time to plan for this eventuality. Will he try to fight, flee, or what?

Simon Barrett

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