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Chimps more evolved than humans

It’s been 6 million years, give or take, since chimps split from humans on the evolutionary trail.  Since then, a new study is suggesting that chimpanzee genes have evolved more than human genes.

Science has always believed that we humans were at the top of the heap, due to the large size of our brains, but, not so fast there Einstein.  It now seems, according to genetic evolution, that the chimps were more selective in what they plucked from Mother Nature, and their changes along the way were much more functional than ours.  We may have changed in a lot more ways than they did, but we wasted a lot of changes too.  We made evolutionary turns that didn’t accomplish much, and some may have even had a negative impact, involving the development of human disease.  So it could be that, technically at least, the ones that only took the good stuff are the more enlightened species.

Full Story: Live Science

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