A group of campaigners in Wales is aiming to overturn a recent ruling in relation to victims of asbestos related disease. The group is headed by the GMB Union and industrial solicitors, and aims to overturn a House of Lords ruling that compensation will be stopped for those suffering from pleural plaques.

In its decision the House of Lords would not acknowledge pleural plaques as a disease in its own right. However, campaigners argue that the condition can get worse and can develop into something more serious, such as the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma.

One legal official involved in the campaign stated: “Before this decision, not only could we successfully obtain damages on behalf of victims with pleural plaques, but we also had the reservation that if they got the horrible disease of mesothelioma, they could come back in the future to quickly get their compensation.”

He added: “I have several clients who have pleural plaques and are living with the fear that it could develop into fatal conditions like mesothelioma. They deserve compensation for the extreme worry and anxiety of living with pleural plaques.”

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