Hitler believed he had precedent for his Final Solution. He is reputed to have said, “The world forgot the Armenians, they will forget this.” He referred to the death of perhaps millions of Armenians during World War I.
     He was partially correct. The world ignored it when it was happening and there was no post-war rush to judgment. In fact, it is perhaps better known now than it was when it happened. 
     Nobody seems to question the large number of deaths…not even Turkey. The question is what the proper nomenclature for those events was. Genocide or civil strife?
      France wants to make it a crime to not call it genocide. Turkey wants to call it civil strife. They are wrangling over words when they should be wrangling over more important things…like how to prevent the future killing of large number of citizens regardless of what you call it…genocide, civil war, ethnic cleansing, or the next “clever” term for mass amounts of murder based on race, color or creed.
     Really, does it matter what you call mass murder? Does it matter if, for example, a serial killer whacks 7 people over the course of 7 weeks or some other numbskull gets his 7 all at once? Does it matter what you call it? Either way it is a horrifying deed that demands retribution…and prevention from a reoccurrence.
     Well done, France and Turkey…good to see you have the important things down.

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