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Thousands protest in Venezuela

One of the perks of being a dictator, is being able to do just about anything you want.  You can make rules that will benefit mostly you.  You can do away with people you don’t like.  You can live in the biggest house, drive the most expensive cars, and insist that everyone thinks the way you do.

That last part only works well though, if for generations, the populace has gotten used to doing what they’re told.  Or if you hold a gun to their head.  Venezuelans, however, still remember what freedom tastes like, and El Presidente, Hugo Chavez, has stepped on some toes.  A week ago, he ordered a popular television station off the air, because certain political views expressed didn’t jive with his own.  You can have people arrested, you can make disidents disappear, but don’t go telling folks which channel they can turn to. 

The removal of the station has sparked daily protests, and each day the number of protestors rises.  The people are obviously ticked off.  According to most souces, that is.  It’s interesting the slant Al Jazeera has taken on this, reporting that the protests are the result of US provocation.

News Sources: San Francisco Chronicle — Al Jazeera

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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