Supposedly, “millions of people” around the world are shutting off their lights at 8:30 pm tonight as part of an “Earth Hour” to draw attention to so-called “Global Warming.”

Apparently, there are lots of people in the world that, due to their liberal and/or state run media, still haven’t gotten the message that much of the “green house gas” garbage was made up.

So, doing my sacrificial part for the good of our world, I will enlighten them.

Increase in Arctic Ice Confounds Doomsayers

CRU Cleared of Wrong doing? Not so fast…

No Global Warming in 15 Years

Archaic Network Provided Data behind Global Warming ‘Theory’

Climate Researchers Manipulated and Hid Data

Lawrence Solomon, Vindicated: Dutch Global Warming ‘Denier’  “Was Right After All”

Alaskan Congressman Announces Global Warming is a “scam”

Top Climate Official Resigns

Oklahoma Senator Calls for Criminal Investigation

Dutch Point out New Mistakes in UN Climate Report

Climate Chief knew of False Glacier Claims before Copenhagen

Even: Climate History erased in 5000 Wikipedia Articles

 More Articles:

So, with all that in mind, some on Twitter have decided to relax about Earth Hour:

 RT @JOZETTE1972: #EarthHour Mar 27 8:30p: OK! – Let’s Rock! Turn ON Basement lights, Closet lights, bathroom lights -even FLASH lghts-YAY!! #tcot

RT @TCOT_Talk @JOZETTE1972 just saw a commrcl 4 EarthHour Mar 27…going 2leave my lights on that whole hour!…// ME TOO! ALL lights #tcot 

RT @boxxers06 / just saw a commrcl 4 EarthHour Mar 27…going 2leave lights on whole hour!…// ME TOO! ALL lights / 24 hr light party!!!!

RT @littlebytesnews:@boxxers06 /just saw commrcl 4 EarthHr Mar27…going 2leave lightson whole hour!// ME 2!ALL lights/24 hr lght party!|LOL

RT @boxxers06 @Dataaide @littlebytesnews: I installed a search light on my roof, like Gotham City…

RT @TheNoblePatriot #EarthHour -what a joke! More LIBERAL symbolism over substance! I plan to turn on EVERY LIGHT for hour in protest! #tcot

@ByeByeDems @Dataaide @Jozette1972 I’ll be joining you!  // YEAH! All Lights ON tonight for #EarthHour! #tcot

@_AEBJ_ Not walking around N dark!  @ByeByeDems @Jozette1972 I’ll be joining U! // YEAH! All Lights ON 4 #EarthHour! #tcot (via @Dataaide)

RT @fleckman Humans – Tonight, Turn ON your lights & celebrate Human Achievement Hour #Human #tcot #earthhour //YES!

RT @DefendGlenn Reminder: Turn All Lights ON for ‘Human Achievement Hour’…tonight at 8:30 p.m. local time #tcot #teaparty #gop #sgp #ocra

Join us!  Let’s show Al Gore and all the other Global Warming nuts that they can take their theory and …well, shove it!

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