The Atlantic Magazine, which took a left turn after Michael Kelley was killed covering Iraq, has now hit the bonkers stage.

The right wing blogosphere is up in arms at their slander of American troops as sociopaths, a blogpost discussing an alleged rape of a Japanese woman by a Marine…

a reminder of one of the less savory dividends of U.S. bases in your backyard. U.S. military personnel have been raping Okinawans for the last 60-plus years…

Yes, the overwhelming majority of U.S. military personnel aren’t sociopaths…But…

Hmmm… the headline now reads “Japanese prosecutors have dropped charges against a U.S. Marine accused of rape in Okinawa”…oh well, never mind. The story now claims that the girl raped was 14 years old and the charges dropped only because her family decided against pressing charges.
That doesn’t stop their hysterical condemnation of US troops stationed overseas:

downtown Baghdad or Falluja likely won’t be sprouting outlets like Okinawa’s Club Fujiyama. But the impact of these kinds of episodes on the U.S. image, not to mention on our strategic relationships, is one more reason to weigh carefully the hypothetical benefits of a long-term U.S. military presence against their very real costs

So because one Marine may have had consensual sex with a 14 year old, the US is to be painted as evil.

Ok. I see your point. US BAD. Most soldiers sociopaths.

End story.

Or is it?

The curious thing is the photo chosen by the Atlantic to “prove” the Japanese hate America.

Guess who is holding those nice protest signs? 
Jay Directo/AFP Getty Images

Yup. The usual bunch of Philippine leftists. Only a couple dozen of them, which here is nothing–if the left is really mad, they can get a couple thousand out without raising a sweat.

For some reason or other, the Atlantic editors didn’t notice that the protesters are holding signs in Tagalog, (not Japanese) and have a Philippine flag on one of their signs.

Guess all Asians look alike to the Atlantic.

But they aren’t protesting US bases (there haven’t been US bases here since the early 1990’s) but the Balikatan exercizes (joint US/Philippine military exercizes held last week in the Philippines), and they are using the “rape of a Philipina in Okinawa” as an excuse for their protests.

But the photo raises several questions about the accuracy of the article. .

The article claims the rape was of a “14 year old schoolgirl in Okinawa”, but they publish a photo of Filipine leftists protesting the Balikatan exercizes and protesting the rape of a Filipina OFW in Okinawa

Which one was it? Innocent 14 year old schoolgirl, or Pinay barmaid? Or was it two incidents, or none?

I have lots of relatives working overseas, so hesitate to bring his up, but the dirty little secret is that Japan is full of Filipina OFW who work as “entertainers” and are sexually exploited.

As a feminist I am horrified at the sexual exploitation of Pinay women working as maids, waitresses and entertainers. But using a single case when this is done by a US soldier when thousands of other cases are never prosecuted is propaganda, sir, not trying to solve the problem of violence against women.

So there you have it: no context, no fact checking, and mixing up two different countries.

Michael Kelley would be spinning in his grave about the poor standards of his once great magazine.

—————————-Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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