You have done more harm to Anglo-Indian relations than thousands of British hippy travellers. This hero of the Chav class has created an international incident with her bullying of the Indian movie heroine. There is rioting on the streets of India. I wonder if Jade realises that India has nuclear weapons…that is she knows what they are.

There have been questions to the Prime Minister during Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons.

What is more amazing is that Jade & her cohorts behaviour has overshadowed Chancellor Gordon Brown’s (Blair’s heir apparant) goodwill trip to India.

Of course, the producer of Celebrity Big Brother are loving this as the viewing numbers are skyrocketing. One does have to wonder if someone from Gordon Brown’s office suggested that an Indian should be on the show.

Its all a rather delightful bruhaha and typical of the lower-common denominator culture that prevades Blair’s UK.

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