I stumbled on a whacked out place. At Weird Asia News WAN you don’t have to ponder how North Korean gel prices might impact Dr. Strangehair and the safety of the free pacific rim and you will never have to mentally pole vault across any cultural divides, because it is just a fun place to visit….. Here are a couple of pictures I particularly liked: I have always been a fan of alternative medicine, but here in China getting good treatment can be a daunting experience. The language barrier is first among the issues involved. But, who wouldn’t have fun getting healed at the mad med’ centre–complete with surgery. I think it is actually MAO, but that is pretty scary when you think of it…. Mad Medical China I just helped to edit a book on Penjing–the Chinese art of plant arrangement that was the Zen forerunner to Bonsai–but never encountered anything like you will see in the picture below. Yep, this could be a serious nirvana buster if you came home one night half-in-the-bag…. Plant in an frame by Lonnie Hodge

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