Surprise! They need decent food, as in real food, and other lifestyle changes to achieve a healthier weight.

“Special exercise classes for children in day care won’t alone prevent obesity, and changes in diet and behaviour, including those of parents, probably are needed, according to a study in today’s British Medical Journal,” according to “The research found little change in the body mass index of 231 4-year-olds after they had participated in 30-minute exercise classes three times a week for six months.”

Forbes reports that “instead, a combination of exercise and other lifestyle changes — especially improved diets — may be the only solution to the childhood obesity epidemic, experts say.”

I have pity for the children of the parents that needed experts to tell them that. There is nothing good that comes from allowing children’s brains to turn to mush sitting in front of the television or video game and nothing healthy that comes from letting their bodies turn to mush consuming a diet full of fake and nutritionally unsound convenience foods. But, you knew that already, didn’t you?

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