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Stepping up attack on the Left over the Nandigram issue, Congress today made an oblique demand for the resignation of West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Meanwhile confronted with a weeklong impasse over the Nandigram issue, Lok Sabha on Tuesday cut short by a day the first part of the budget session. The BJP-led opposition paralysed proceedings of the parliament for the fourth day today on the issue of Nandigram incident. Even as a CBI team continued its investigations into the Nandigram firing it is becoming increasingly apparent that a large number of outsiders were involved in last week’s violence. Ten armed men arrested by the CBI in Khejuri in West Bengal have reportedly said they are workers of the CPI(M) and members of the reserve forces. They were carrying CPI(M) flags, arms and ammunition when they were detained. They were arrested at a brick kiln and their cell phones contained numbers of CPI(M) leaders in East Midnapore district.

In the words of a Sonachura resident

“The CPI-M cadre is called Harmad Vahini. Some of the CPI-M people indulge in a lot of violence. We call them the Harmad Vahini.”

named after the legendary Portuguese pirates.

It is now increasingly becoming clear how Bengal was lost to the Communists over two decades. With blurring distinctions between Reserved Police and Party Cadre, Bengal also called Little China by Catapault , has earned itself a dubious distinction in a class of its own – enjoying the facade of constitutional democracy while perpetuating a mini-chinese version of Communism. It is no wonder that at every opportune occassion Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat bring up the Chinese example – case in point SEZs.

It should also be clear to everyone by now that the CPI-M is actually the Communist Party of India – Mafioso. With its army of hit-men who double up as Reserve Forces in uniform or CPI-Mafioso cadre in chappals based on convenience, the CPI-Mafioso finally stands exposed after Nandigram. But the real outrage from Nandigram is the complicity of the Mainstream Media which prefers to refer to last week’s incidents as the “Nandigram Debacle” rather than the organized ‘Political Cleansing” pogrom it really was.

Week after Nandigram Offstumped examines the “I told you so…”s in the Mainstream Media.

The best example of how wrong the mainstream media got Nandigram are these editorial pieces in the Indian Express. In the first piece titled “India Nirman” 15th March The Indian Express sought to gloss over the real outrage in Nandigram with language like

hyperventilating about the first battle of a ‘revolution’ in Nandigram or those busy searching the thesaurus for the next grand epithet to be hurled at Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. Look, first, at the local facts. Nandigram protesters had sought to cut off the area from the rest of Bengal. Their modus operandi didn’t change even after the state’s announcement that land wouldn’t be acquired. Metropolitan anarchists apart, everyone should find this utterly unacceptable. Indeed, the Bengal administration can be faulted for waiting since early January, when this de facto secession was first attempted, to act.

Then comes the NDA visit and news of rapes and then arrests of CPI-M cadre with guns and the full of horror of Nandigram begins to sink in. The Indian Express a smart outlet changes editorial tack quite quickly in its 19th March editorial titled “Falling of the horse”.

There are two issues about Nandigram. The economic case for promoting industry, as this newspaper has consistently pointed out, is infallible. The political method employed in this case, as we argued after the tragedy, is unworkable. 

But drawing such explicit distinctions belatedly doesnt quite help the Indian Express when you contrast Shekhar Gupta’s National Interest column with this editorial. Shekhar Gupta writes

The Left already has the space of social liberalism in India.

contrast that with this on March 19th

Nandigram has universalised the realisation that CPM is neither democratic nor liberal 

Well the Indian Express can be pardoned for belatedly getting the Left’s goat but what takes the cake for mental gymnastics of the Social Justice kind is this piece by Yogendra Yadav. In an unapologetically “I told you so…” tone Yogendra Yadav’s piece reflects the operative defensive mechanism within the Social Justice psyche to explain away how a left of center outfit, someone like them could actually be unlike them. In this 20th March op-ed titled “Party Games” in the Indian Express, Yadav writes:

Nandigram did not surprise me ……. In West Bengal the proportion of upper castes has increased in the state assembly after 1977, after the Left Front came to power. A coincidence? Not if you calculate the caste composition of successive Left Front ministries: About two thirds of the ministers come from the top three jatis (Brahman, Boddis, Kayasthas).

At the end of the piece, Yadav leaves the reader stumped on how an analysis of Nandigram ended up with a discussion of the caste composition of the West Bengal Assembly and Mandalite politics. One understands Yadav owes the rise of his political currency to the Mandalite era, but his “shock and awe” with the CPI-Mafioso over Nandigram was quite a stretch.

So you can see the Social Justice brigade deserting the CPI-M by rationalizing that,

we to the left are not bad, but you CPI-Mafioso cant help be bad because you are overwhelmingly upper caste in Bengal“.

A clever attempt to appropriate the likely vaccum to the Left of Center.

The Hindu is in a class of its own. For a self righteous, holier than thou media outlet, The Hindu had editorial space for Rahul Gandhi’s Babri remarks, Bob Woolmer’s death, the outrage in Chattisgarh, even a vague academic piece on the banality of the blogosphere by a Nicholas Carr. However on Nandigram, just one editorial piece and that too characterizing it as “a Mishandled Crisis”.

The less said of the rest of the mainstream media better, but the horror in Nandigram has clearly had its echo with the rats to the Left are clearly deserting the CPI-Mafioso ship. From Rajiv Desai in the DNA tothe CPI-Mafioso’s former and current allies.

Offstumped Bottomline: The mainstream media and its closet communists who till last week were rooting for Brand Buddha seem to be thunderstruck. Belatedly so, the “I told you so…” editorials are slowly trickling out. N. Ram’s Communist rag tag Hindu however continues to remain shell shocked in abject denial.

With the Social Justice brigade bringing in the calculus of caste to challenge the establishement within the CPI-Mafioso, we to the Right of Center are in for some exciting times.

The Right of Center movement will have only itself to blame if it didnt go for the kill and sound the death knell for Communism in India once and for all.

Its a once in a lifetime opportunity friends, dont pass over this one.

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