I have to admit that I do not have much love for pyramid schemes. You can find yourself in a deep hole before you know it. You end up working 80 hours a week, and get paid for working about 2 hours at minimum wage.

Websafety has all the makings of a great scam. Oh it started with good intentions. Who would not want to protect their children from the wicked world of the internet and cell phones?

According to spokesman Brad Stoker this is just a product that every person with kids should have. Websafety uses military GPS technology! What that actually means is up to interpretation.

He proudly announces “its the only product on the market”.

I had the ‘good luck’ to listen to the Brad show last week, his guest was some guy from Atlanta by the name of Sean Graham he exuded confidence in the Websafety product. Sean regaled the listeners that he and his father had full confidence in Websafety. The earning potential was huge. This was the guy that ‘bounced’ out of bed everyday and just went for MLM with gusto.

Websafety put on another marketing blitz today. I could not resist, I had to dial in. This week Sean Graham had dumped his father, his new partner is his wife. The lead in by Brad Stoker was splendid, we mere mortals are going to find out just how much money we can make from being a Websafety member. Did he succeed?

Nope. What we got was another good dose of the maybe. I am sure that Sean Graham is a great guy, likely someone that I might like socially, but I really think that Websafety is a poor use of his time, efforts, and money.

Brad Stoker opened his conference call with the same worn out garbage, for a couple of minutes I thought I was listening to a rerun. What I find interesting is that Stoker likes to stoke the fires of potential earnings, but is very short on actual examples of anyone actually making any money whatsoever, never mind the ‘six figures per month’ that he loves to chat about.

I won’t bore you with the marketing Rah Rah that Stoker unloads, but it is rather akin to a Bulimic ‘purging’.

He does urge members of his cult to seek out more recruits, once you have exhausted your friends and family (my words, your family hates you, and your friends do not return your calls). But. All is not lost, Stoker suggests that Schools, NPO’s and even Trucking Companies would make for rich pickings!

I recently became privy to an email sent out from the gentleman that actually developed the software. He is still waiting to get paid for several months he spent bringing the Websafety tech folks up to speed on how the computer program worked. Unfortunately he is half a world away, and as such he has little easy access to retaliate. I am in touch with the gentleman, and I suspect that Brad and his Stokers will be reaching for the Tums real soon.

There is nothing wrong with the basic idea behind Websafety, the issue is how it is being marketed.

Much more very soon.

Simon Barrett

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