It was last January that this company caught my eye. A friend of mine attempted to pry money out of my wallet to get me to join this organization at “ground level”. If you missed my first article, you can find it here.

A couple of ‘upline’ flunky’s for Websafety even went so far as to make personal phone calls to me. This of course did nothing but add fuel to the fire. A pyramid scheme, is a pyramid scheme, is a pyramid scheme. Of course ‘pyramid scheme’ is not the modern term, Multi Level Marketing became all the rage for a while, but even that has run its course. Websafety prefer to call it Network Marketing. In my mind it is all the same. You get a percentage of whatever the smaller fish in your personal pond make. Hell, isn’t that what Amway do?

I had completely forgotten about Websafety, it was a one off article, and I assumed that the company had folded. Some whack job decided to remind me about them by leaving a comment on my original article. Note to whack jobs, sometimes it is better to let sleeping dogs sleep.

I had completely forgotten about Websafety, now however my interest was aroused. A quick Google of the term produces great results, page one is full of glowing reports about Websafety with one standout problem, my article. Hey, the first thing I thought of was I was wrong, maybe I made a mistake? Not so, all of the other articles are from some derivation of the mother ship!

With my interest level rising I called my friend who had invested money that he could ill afford.

They promised a lot, but I saw nothing, it was a bad choice at a bad time

That was a year ago!

What have been up to in 2010?

By pure luck and happenstance I mis dialed a number, and trying to fix the problem hit a sequence of buttons that took me to a conference call hosted by some guy by the name of Brad Stoker.  It was way too much fun to deal with the call in a single article. You will just have to wait for the juicy stuff!

One thing is clear, a year has passed and Websafety is still ‘an also ran’.

I will give a delicious little nugget, Brad told us that Websafety uses military grade GPS software. Umm Brad, what does that mean?

More soon, and the phone call was nothing short of priceless. Donald Trump is into MLM schemes. I am laughing too much to continue. I will publish a write up of the phone call tomorrow.

Simon Barrett

And for wallet safety I have deliberately left links unclickable. 

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