Danny and his girlfriend Nina weren’t sure where to move so they let the public decide it for them.

Danny a Florida native and Nina, an art student originally from Moscow Russia, met four years ago at a nightclub in Manhattan. They were inseparable after that. One day, while living in New York, the couple decided that it was time to move but they were not sure where to move. In September they set up a website DannyAndNina.com and asked public to choose from a list of 250 cities.

Danny and Nina never thought that their site would recieve such overwhelming response. By mid-December they recieved 5 million responses from people all over the world. This took them to Internet stardom. They were featured in newspapers and blogs all over the country and abroad. According to the couple, their project had a mass appeal. Every one has experienced moving from one place to another, every one has fallen in love.

In the beginning they only recieved responses from friends in New York. But then a local newspaper in Florida ran their story and immidiately Jacksonville, Florida took the lead. Later Fort Collins, Colorado, then Fayetteville, Arkansas. Then Savannah, Georgia…

In mid-December the Colorado capital, Denver crossed the one million mark defeating Plano, Texas and South Bend, Indiana. The couple arrived Denver on 18 January 2007 but their journey is not over yet.

Danny and Nina : Our Move Is in Your Hands
Danny and Nina The blog where they documented the entire voting.

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