The Web 2.0 as some people refer to the latest internet incarnations, is a truly interesting place. Increasingly more and more companies are using it in new and innovative ways. VH1 are one of the people that see the future of broadband technology.

Home Purchasing Club is a web only comedy series brought to you by VH1’s VSPOT player at Now in it’s second season, this hilarious and twisted series spoofs home shopping channels and features cast from The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Office Space. The series was developed and created by Emmy Winner Brian K. Roberts and improv veteran Sean Masterson. New episodes of HPC will premiere every Monday exclusively online at and

These are ‘bite sized’ pieces of entertainment that can be enjoyed when the boss is out of the office! With an average running time less than 5 minutes you can slip these in between Excel Spreadsheets.

Simon Barrett

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