The country of France was the first of the 18th century European powers that came to the aide of the fledgling American Revolution in 1776. Uniquely, the United States needs to fully support the 21st century radical Islamic war that is happing in contemporary France. The first step the United states needs to take, through the government’s leadership specifically President Obama’s declaration that the recent carnage is an act of war. This act of radical Islamic terrorism not only means war for the French people, but the principles of western civilization that have been enjoyed since the Enlightenment period of the Founding Fathers in America, and the demands for individual freedoms that fueled the French Revolution after they effectively assisted the nascent existence of the United States.

France and indeed all of Europe is engaged in a sociopolitical and theocratic war against extremism that has entrenched itself around the world and manifests itself through terrorism, fear and Islamic extremism. Perhaps one of the reasons President Obama is having such a difficult time in declaring war on extremism through radical Islam, simply reflects the enigmatic background of Obama’s  personal experiences of Islam through his personal upbringing and education that was entrenched in Moslem influence. Without fear or delay, President Obama needs to say the words…we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism. Only then will the United States truly stand firm with France and the rest of our allies to defeat this deceptively subtle methodology of Islamic terrorism and put the lid back on the proverbial Pandora’s Box. Unilaterally, the United States government should declare solidarity with our global western counterparts, not because it is a politically correct thing to do; but because it preserves the rights and freedoms of all humanity against tyranny…especially theocratic tyranny seeking to destroy and subjugate our most basic of human rights, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion and most critically the freedom against fear of reprisal against a free press which embraces the truth through its most intrinsic existence.

America’s Founding Fathers were indebted to the French for their decisive assistance during our American Revolution in the 18th century. America without hesitation must return to France the same political and military support as the radical Islamic terrorists awaken from their sleeper cells and are terrorizing quite honestly the entire world. We experienced terrorism on 9/11 and have waged a nebulous war since that dark day that destroyed the World Trade Centers in New York; last week, the French experienced their 9/11 attack. The threat lurks in France, Great Britain, the United States and any where the representation of a democratic principle of rule presides. President Obama cannot continue to pretend that America is isolated against similar attacks. The American Isolationist Movement prior to World War I was incorrect, those that opposed the Lend-Lease Act prior to our entrance into World War II were wrong, and President Obama is wrong if he thinks his political sensitivity to radical Islamic aggression is just an isolated event. Like it or not the mantle of war is on the shoulders of America and its Allies and we need to defeat the enemy, wherever it appears with definition and finality. We are not at war with faithful Moslems, that share faith peacefully with the world. We are in conflict with radicalism and Islamic terrorism that is committed towards the destruction of Western civilization’s lifestyle, values and the core of freedom’s existence.

America stands with France. America stands against radical theocratic aggression. America rallies to keep the world free of fear. President Obama needs to state the same, now in support of France and in support of universal global independence from radical Islamic tyranny.

Viva la France. God Bless America. Long live freedom.

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