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Artificial life likely in 3 to 10 years

In more than one country, in different parts of the world, scientists are trying to do the impossible, although apparently it’s looking more possible every day.  They are trying to create life, from virtually nothing.  We’re not talking about artificial intelligence here, we’re talking about real artificial life, concocted from scratch, where it didn’t exist in any shape or form before.  This is far different than cloning or growing test tube babies.  There is no sperm meets the egg in this scenario.  In the very near future its presumed a living cell will appear from stirring up some of the basic chemicals found in DNA.

The biggest stumbling block, up to now at least, has been creating a membrane in which the cell could grow and multiply.  Folks at Harvard Medical School predict, that in as little as 6 months, that hurdle will be overcome.  Further down the line, a genetic system is envisioned, that will allow the cell to reproduce and possibly mutate.  Phase three would be to establish a metabolism that could extract energy from a food source, and that’s when the cycle would be complete.

If things can eat, and reproduce, then they’re alive,
and science fiction meets science fact once again.

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