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“We are not apologetic about her choice. Not only the UPA but the entire country is united about her. We have made the right choice. She is deserving of the high office”. That was Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India, speaking to a group of women journalists at his residence. defending Pratibha Patil’s nomination for President 

Offstumped’s response to Dr. Manmohan Singh follows below.

We are not surprised Mr. Prime Minister that you are not apologetic, for not being apologetic has been the hallmark of your administration.

Allow me to refresh your memory if I may Mr. Prime Minister.

On July 11th 2006 more than 200 Mumbaikars fell prey to the most heinous terrorist attack on Indian soil in over a decade but you were not apologetic on your choice of response.

On July 12th you said India must “win its war on terror”, but then you were not apologetic on the about face you made 2 months later on Sept 23 2006 when you informed the left parties that “war was not an option”.

On July 14th you said it “cannot be business as usual” but then you were not apologetic when your government and its lackdaisical home minister went about business as usual to see terrorist attacks in Malegaon, Hyderabad and in the Samjhauta Express.

On July 14th also you said “we must must act on a credible strategy”  but then you were not apologetic when on August 15th 2006 you neither exuded credibility nor announced a strategy to act  but instead pleaded helplessness with Pakistan.

Mr. Prime Minister you then went on to attend the G-8 summit where you called for “Zero Tolerance” to terrorism, but then you were not aplogetic  when on your way to Havana you diluted your tolerance to terrorism with qualifiers like Pakistan too is a victim of terrorism.

With 12 months having gone by and not a single individual brought to justice or held accountable for the 7-11 Mumbai Train serial bomb blasts Mr. Prime Minister you continue to be unapologetic for your Executive Delinquency.

But then why should it be surprising. We always knew you were teflon skinned little surprise your conscience is of a synthetic fabric too.

You take issue with the leader of the opposition BJP, Mr. L.K. Advani’s remarks that you were handpicked, well you had the opportunity to go to the people and seek their direct mandate but you chose not do so by taking the electile dysfunctional Rajya Sabha route again.

It is no wonder you are not apologetic to the people of India because you never had to seek their mandate or be responsible or accountable to them.

Come July 11th with what face do you plan to address the victims and the next of kin of 7-11.

Well we know the answer to that one – it would be an unapologetic one.

Offstumped Bottomline: You may not be apologetic for your pusillanimity and inaction but we will not. It is our solemn commitment to the victims of 7–11 that we will not forget their loss and we will not forgive the unapologetic politicians who did not deliver justice to their loved ones.

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