It’s amazing how much good news comes from the world every day.  I can make housing into a lullaby in my mind just by reorienting my thoughts from the word slump to the word normal.  Granted that there have and will be losses here, the business will go on adding value even though the gains will not accrue to homeowners who bought too late in the bubble or realtors who over-expanded or builders who bought land too late for too much and planned product too expensive.  I can make myself believe that the wars of this century have been fruitful in part to disrupt the mechanics of terrorism even though they may have been the wrong way to attack this problem and bring peace.  I can believe Detroit and Big Oil are good for the economy even though the big three will be out of business in the next decade as they exist now and the oil goliaths will need to remove the domestic operations from reliance on the Middle East, Africa and South America. 

But all these are my opinion and all I know for sure that really gets me going is the fact that, according to Standard and Poor’s, the U.S. economy has generated a growing share of its sales from overseas during the 2001 through 2006 period.  In fact, that number is about a 40 % gain over the period.  And 45% of the revenues from the S&P 500 are derived from foreign sales, up about 50% from 2001, again according to Standard & Poor’s.  The weak dollar is going to get us out of our personal, corporate and government budget woes.

For the future I like the mantra that smaller is better in the housing arena and the cars of the future should be named Chery and SMART and not Yukon and Expedition.  The term McMansion is facetious in origin and the owners of these starter mansions will be closing off whole wings to live in smaller accommodations within if they can.  After all, the real cost of a gallon of gas is about $ 13 per gallon in the U.S. and other energy costs are similarly elevated.  No working man will be able to afford these homes in most climates.  We might best power down our diets so that body fat gets to the 10% level nationwide which will make these accommodations easier to live with.  Healthcare costs will go down when we figure out how to get the sugar out of the normal meal and when we make the small plate the national standard.

Even though America is basically at fault and I have empathy for mankind in the 3rd world, I see that the emerging economies can commit extraordinary environmental sins any longer.  China is the obvious polluter with water and food and health issues, but examples are everywhere.  The Internet and wireless communications are bringing the world together and dictators will no longer find such low hanging fruit to corrupt.  The world will have different problems in the future, hopefully gross ignorance will not be the common denominator.

So that foreign sales item is what making me sing every morning these days.  This seems to me to be the unforeseen or, more appropriately, the forgotten economic boost we need.  America the great is rising again, hopefully we’ll make the best of it like we have in the past.           

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