According to the AACSB online MBA department of Rutgers Online, 2017 will be the year during which mobile commerce and online shopping will reach new heights. We now have more capable smartphones in the hands of more people, which means the market is ready for more mobile transactions. What you need to do as an online store owner is make sure that the mobile shopping experience you’re providing your customers is as good and enjoyable as the desktop counterpart.

Accepting credit card payments is just the first step. There is no doubt that credit cards are still very popular as a mobile payment option. That said, we also have new services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay entering the market, allowing users to pay for their items more conveniently when mobile.


You can find more ways to improve your online store’s user experience from the Credit Cards and Mobile Payments infographic by Rutgers Online.

How Businesses are Adapting to the Independent Contractor Economy

Rutgers Online

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