It was my great pleasure to host an interview with two of the members of the 60’s and 70’s Philly based prog band WAX. WAX was a band to be reckoned with, prog did not take off in the US as it did in Europe, but it did not stop five young musicians from giving it their heart and soul.

Rob Hyman on keyboards, Rick Levy on Guitars, Rick Chertoff on Drums, David Kagan as lead vocalist, and Beau Jones on bass represented the very best of US prog. Alas the band went their separate ways in the early 70’s and the world became de-WAXed.

Two things happened in 2010 that were significant to these people. Beau Jones lost his fight with brain cancer, his death brought the remaining members of the band back together. For the first time in almost 40 years they once more played together. It was a memorial to Beau Jones.

The second thing was the discovery of a studio master tape from way back in the day! This they have now released on CD.

Rick Levy and Rob Hyman joined me to talk about WAX, life, and just about everything under the Sun!

Here is some trivia for you, I’ll bet you didn’t know that Rob Hyman was the co-writer of the smash hit Time After Time. Or that Rick Levy actually spent some time playing with Hermans Hermits.

It was a great interview, and one that I truly enjoyed. These are two musicians that are not only talented, but amazingly knowledgeable, it was a pure joy to talk to them. They also allowed me to play a couple of tracks on air. Prog bliss!

The track On And On threw me back to the Who and their Rock Opera Tommy. I swear you could slice and dice this song into Tommy and no-one would spot the change.

WAX Melted is available on Amazon (use the link).

You can listen to the whole interview here.

Simon Barrett

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