It is fair to say that I care little about bits of paper handed out in schools. It is probably possible to get a degree in Klingon! It is amusing, but alas it is true, way too many people are walking around with those cute bits of paper that show how amazingly smart they are. Few however can walk and chew gum.

When I want to move from point A to Point B, I think about it. What is the best route? Sometimes the best route is not a straight line. In some areas there are no direct roads. You have to use side roads, that is fine. Actually I love the adventure. You discover new places. You meet new people. It is a learning experience,

Of course you do not need to travel. In today’s world everything is just a mouse click away. Loons are everywhere, they have web sites, they have Facebook, but they are still loons. Internet loons are different from the run of the mill loon that you bump into at the supermarket. Internet loons are a different breed. I think the poster child of an internet loon has to be Joseph Gilberti.

While I an no fan of the late night radio program Coast to Coast, I do have great admiration for the way that they deal with the loons. Actually I think they like them!

I am not quite as malleable, loons go in the garbage bin. I have no use for loons.

So lets say there is a guy, to protect the innocent we will call him Joseph. He goes to school and gets some letters after his name. Hey more power to him. He is an engineer, and in some off time he discovers a huge source of freshwater, a source that no-one knew existed. This is a good discovery, but of course Joseph missed the class ‘How Engineers Can Talk To Real People’.

Joseph is on a quest. His aquifer needs support. I agree with him, but there is one small problem. Joseph has pissed off everyone. His plan is to send Emails to just about any address he can find. The tactic is a bad one. Lots of people have marked him as spam, some people have even taken the step of changing email addresses.

I don’t much care for his emails. My in box is a busy place, and some loon sending me long boring emails does not work. Copy the known world does not work. Every piece of idiocy is sent to everyone on his email list. Making it even more boring, most of it IS IN ALL CAPS. ALL CAPS GETS REAL OLD,

Joseph is nothing if not persistent. Once on his email list you are in hell. Most of his emails have more attachments than Dolly Parton’s boobs. I got a warning from my email service that I was running out of storage space. 10 gigs, how could it be? I deleted a bunch of Joseph related stuff, life was fine. You only need one copy of a dumb pdf, I certainly do not need hundreds of copies.

I am a huge fan of climbing on social issues. My wife Jan doesn’t always agree with me. But I pick my fights and enter the ring.

This is one fight that I will not get involved with, I don’t play with loons.

Simon Barrett

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