Well (pun) It looks like my favorite water loon Joseph Gilberti has been slowed down. It is a long and complex story, you can get bits of it here and here.

Of course the loon doesn’t know where to stop. He looned me for months. But it was nothing that the delete button on my email could not deal with. I received a couple of threats that I would be incorporated in a RICO law suit, quite how I could be involved in a RICO suit amazed me, but, I guess he had some kind of plan that worked in his mind.

I was small fish in the RICO suit, President Obama was the big catch. Yup, Joe is your basic loon. Unfortunately being a loon doesn’t usually have a happy ending. Of course I was looking forward to spending time chatting with the president and all of the other well known people back stage.

Alas it seems that I will have to wait, I am devastated, I was going to shave and get my hair cut.




I can guess, but it is only a guess. Pretty much with a cyber stalking claim you get slapped on the wrist by the judge and told to stop. Nope Joe the water boy has hit new heights. His bond is now set at $300,000.

Now I can’t say that for sure, but I think this is a record. I for one don’t care, The Water Boy was a loon that had no clue what he was starting by riling everyone up. I doubt that he has $30,000 to pay a bail bondsman, and I doubt that any bail bond company would even talk to him. Happy trails water loon.

Simon Barrett

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