One of the RSS feeds I get is the Washington Post’s forum on Religion. To say the selection of commenters is biased is an understatement: Quick, find the Catholic. Yes, Father Reese sometimes writes an essay, but I mean find a Catholic who follows the Pope.And what makes it worse is not that non Christians tend to be over represented in the rosum, and even those who claim to be Christian tends to write from the liberal spectrum of churches…
So are Conservative Christians represented? Well, yes. Chuck Colson is there. Period. And once they had Father McCloskey write an article…how they allowed him to get published, I’ll never know…
So this weeks’ topic for bashing conservative believers is about a Congressional resolution 847, that recognizes the importance of Christianity and the Christian faith.

Horrors! Pandering to the religious right (hmmm…silly me, since I thought Hillary and Obama were both believing Christians).

So how do the writers on Faith feel about that routine resolution?

Congressional Christmas: Pork and Piety

This bill seems designed not to serve others, but to serve the Congressional representatives who voted for it. But you can’t legislate Christmas — you can only live it.

The Rev. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite,… a Professor of Theology at the seminary for 20 years …Her area of expertise is contextual theologies of liberation, specializing in issues of violence and violation. An ordained minister of the United Church of Christ since 1974


Congressional Waste

Is this really what Jesus would have been spending his time on?

Rabbi Irwin Kula is the President of CLAL-The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership…


Founding Religion, Not Established Church

Attacks on this legislation will center on the claim that it violates the First Amendment. It does not.

An ordained United Church of Christ and American Baptist minister, “On Faith” panelist Dr. Willis E. Elliott…


Resolution of the Heart

Resolutions are meaningless if people don’t resolve the same thing in their own hearts.

Charles W. “Chuck” Colson is founder of Prison Fellowship…


Caesar Renders Unto the Holiday

If Congress wants to honor Christianity… Gee, I can’t finish that sentence. It seems out of place here in America.

Gustav Niebuhr is an associate professor of religion and the media…His articles have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, the Carnegie Reporter, the Christian Century, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and————————————-


Legislating the importance of Christmas does not make Americans good Christians. How do we make non-Christians realize that this is the day of Love and Peace and not about being a Christian?

Born in 1934 in Durban, South Africa, Arun Gandhi is the fifth grandson of India’s legendary leader, …. He is a regular participant in Renaissance Weekend deliberations with President Clinton…


Ever-Present Political Panderers

This bill pledges “support for Christians in the United States and worldwide.” Whew! And here I thought our government hated Christians around the world!

“On Faith” panelist Susan Jacoby is the author of Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism, (2004)….


And when you are done, go read all the Christian bashing in the comments.


My first thought about all those essays: Gee, even their token Pope bashing Catholic Father Reese didn’t make the cut this week.
My second thought: Wait a second.

These Congressional resolutions are passed all the time. HERE is a list of these commemorative resolutions: everything from Prostate Cancer to Desmond Tutu to congratulating the University of Florida football team to renaming part of Interstate 395 as Cal Ripkin way.

So what’s the big deal? Is it because the resolution was about religion, and all religion is a forbidden subject?

So I checked it out.

The biggest Hindu festival of the year is Diwali, celebrating the victory of light over darkness.
And sure enough, both Houses of Congress passed a resolution (TEXT HERE)
recognizing the importance of the feast…Passed unanimously by the US Senate on November 14, 2007.
Similarly, both Houses of Congress passed resolutions noting the importance of Ramadan, a time of fasting, instrospection, and prayer for the Muslims of the world. (TEXT HERE)
It too passed without opposition.

Yet a similarly worded resolution noting the historical and religious importance of Christmas to Christians living in America passed, but nine congresspersons voted against it. Now, if that doesn’t show bias, I’m not sure what does.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket, and she sometimes writes about ethics at Boinkie’s blog.
When asked if she is a Christian, she usually answers by saying, well, I almost got my ass shot off when working as a missionary, does that count?

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