It is easy to understand the air of anger that has gripped the attention of the nation. The officials that we elected in good faith have achieved nothing for a couple of years, and seem set to make 2016 to make the year of even more do nothing than 2015.

This stasis cannot be blamed on one side of the aisle or the other, both are equally at fault. What irks me is that these people representing us are hardly underpaid, how many regular workers get $174,000 per year, and have an annual budget of over a $million to pay for aides and a huge expense account? It is a kick ass gig!

The 2016 schedule has these ‘workaholics’ scheduled for a whopping 111 days of working. Using some rough math that means a less than a 2.5 day work week.

The death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia has now given yet more reasons to not do anything in 2016. Scalia was a staunch conservative and having a more liberal justice replace him has the GOP with their knickers in a knot. Not since the civil war has there been a year long wait for an empty seat on this most august court to be filled.

The GOP may be playing a dicey game with their strategy, should it fail, not only may they lose the bid for the Whitehouse, but possibly control of the Supreme Court for decades. The next president will probably be responsible for nominating 2 or possibly 3 members.

There are a number of ‘Blue State’ republican senators up for re-election and if 7 of them lose, well the Dems will regain control.

Simon Barrett

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