Washington DC is the place to be on July 3RD- Pape Diouf to play in DC!!!

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Washington DC, the Nation’s Capital is the place to be on July 3RD, 2007. Enjoyment time again!!!No more “Ndaga fever.” The leading Senegalese “Ndaga Star” Pape Diouf  has some good stuff for the SeneGambian Community in DC and its metropolitan area. Be there or be no where. DC is calling. DC’S show comes at a better time. It coincides with the July 4 holidays. Meaning that Ndaga fans can party all night long without being bothered of going to work the next morning. It’s party time. Let roll to DC for the big party. Start booking your tickets now. Gate fees are affordable. It’s only $35 dollars. You cannot afford to miss the venue for the occasion .The concert is going to be hosted at  St Michael’s Church 805 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring Md (right across Whole Foods Market.) The show starts at 11PM. For your ticket reservations or questions about the historic show please dial the following numbers :703-980-9903, 240-432-6591, 240-606-4959, 202-409-8612

The SeneGambian Community in Mary Land, Virginia and Washington DC should get ready, as Dioufa’s show would feature latest Ndaga vibes. Them Jollof girls would be there to entertain you with their dancing skills. As a matter of fact, Dioufa too is another good dancers. Watching him on stage, with his melodious voice, the artist moved the crowd with his touching lyrics. Gambians and Senegalese in DC should be proud. Dioufa’s show is an opportune moment for us. Don’t miss such a rare opportunity in life. As the saying goes” All work, no play makes  a jack doll boy.” Enjoy your July 4 holidays with Pape Diouf.

The DC’S  show is possible thanks to “Team Senegal and Smarts Productions.” of  DC. Our Senegalese brother Meissa Ndiong and some Gambian heavy weights in DC have also been playing a crucial role in ensuring that the African Community in DC are well entertained by Pape Diouf. The groundwork for a “successful show” has already been laid down. Ndiong is not new, when it comes to organizing musical shows. His past successful Youssou Ndure shows is  still fresh in our minds.

Almost, all major States in the US have billed Dioufa  for a concert. The SeneGambian Community are in love with the Ndaga Star. Harvesting time for Dioufa and his band. Dioufa “Mokoyorrwai.” His pending shows is the talk of the town. People from all walks of life are getting ready to welcome Dioufa and his band.

I have a personal liking for DC. Apart from being the nation’s capital, it had nice historical places to entertain guests. With Pape Diouf playing there, we are talking about a  sizeable crowd gracing the occasion. DC has the best means of transportation. Trains and buses are everywhere to serve the Community. Get ready for the show.

Our DC “Deriyankes” must be very busy at this hour warming up for Dioufa show. Well, we are going to be there to watch you live on stage dancing. DC is calling brothers and sisters. It’s the place to be on July 3RD. See you in DC on July 3RD. Enjoyment time!!!

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