After his release from 20 days of confinement, Varun Gandhi appears to have been denied permission to visit a temple. As per reports which briefly appeared in Times Now TV channel and perhaps censored out, Varun was denied permission to visit a temple.

 I suppose that the district administrtion in Etah where he had been jailed felt that there could be a law and order issue if he visits a temple.

But this has also raised the issue whether the district administration would have taken a similar stand if persons from other communities had been involved. Is it not the adminsitration’s duty to ensure law and order?

Perhaps Varun might be barred from chanting “Jai Sriram” from now on. What an irony? for Bharath?

I also observe that now a days most political leaders have stopped chanting “Jai Hind” at the end of their speaches. Hopefully this is not to please those who think Hindustan contains the word “Hindu”  and “Jai Hindu” means a Jaikar to the Hindu Community.

I wish the Etah Disitric Adminsitration clarifies if they restrained Varun from visiting the temple on release which was a legitimate demand and if so why?

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