Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs who headed a cult community of break away religious fundamentalists who claimed to be Mormons straddling a barren and rural strip between the Utah and Arizona boarder. Stands convicted of being an accomplice to rape. The jury hearing the case in St George Utah decided late Tuesday he forced a young girl to marry her cousin against her will.

The self proclaimed “Prophet” faces life in prison and Arizona authorities say they intend to move forward with charges in their jurisdiction after Jeffs is sentenced in November.

The back story in the drama is two fold. For generations neoconservative politicians in Utah and Arizona knew of and turned a blind eye to the degradation, sexual abuse and torture inflicted on children in the cult.

When it became a feel good political issue the same folks who ignored the cries of thousands of child rape victims for years. Descended on the small town and took charge of the millions in cash, assets and property that cult leaders controlled.

I speculate years from now when the dust settles like the B.I.A, Future politicians will issue lots of apologies that the resources which should be returned to the child slaves and brainwashed was frittered away and mismanaged with little benefit to the victims.

But for the election of a democratic Governor and Attorney General in Arizona who responded with action to the generational out rage. Little girls in Colorado city would still be the sexual play toys and labor slaves of the pedophile elders who masquerade as religious leaders.

The State’s republicans who for years offered public praise for the cult quickly got on the band wagon when it occurred to them vast sums of wealth awaited their stewardship.

To my surprise it is still possible to encounter articles by individuals who attempt offering a defense of the concept that folks should be permitted to practice a faith that encourages old men to rape little girls under the cover of religion.

The evidence in the case can be viewed on line here with bio and resources found here

P.S. Burton

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