Police Departments from all across the United States are warning the
public about the latest viral social media trend called the Orbeez
Challenge, which turns out to be quite a dangerous one and could
land adults in jail if their kids get caught shooting people with
said guns. Any adults caught doing so will be jailed also for using
the guns.

Kids are using a gel-ball gun or an airsoft gun to shoot Orbeez-
Circu;ar water gel beads at friends or people at random. Although
the Orbeez are soft to the touch they can lead to serious injuries
and they can even break through the skin when shot at.

It has been said that some of the kids have actually been caught
freezing the water gel beads so they can get an increased impact
TikTok shows videos of teens laughing and having shootouts with
friends of theirs. Obviously though this is not a laughing matter.
People can be seriously hurt when shot by these guns.

Some people want these guns taken off the market completely. There
are warnings that some people may not think of this as a joke, they
are liable to take out their own guns and shoot back and I don’t mean
with toy guns.

Police in the southern states are warning the public that they are
taking this very seriously and intend to press charges against anyone
that points one of these guns at a human being.

One woman chased a care filled with teenagers after they all jumped
out of their car and ran towards her with their guns. She said she had
no idea if the guns they had were real or not but she was left with
injuries on her face after she was shot with them.

In Florida in Volusia County warnings of a string of Orbeez shootings
in the area has led to four arrests so far. It was caught on video
coverage when a mother and her baby was shot at while walking in her
own driveway.

Reports of an arrest of a 19 year old in the same county was
was charged with shooting into a car that was occupied at the time,
child abuse and two counts of battery for firing at an Amazon driver
and a 10 year old child.

The Amazon driver was hit in his eye glasses and his neck and the
child was shot in the neck and the chest. There were other injuries
reported in Georgia also. A child riding his bike was shot in his
face and torso leaving welts on his body in Peachtree City, Georgia.

The Peachtree City Police Department are warning parents that some
case could bring felony charges and that the parents could be held
liable in the actions of their kids. They claim that even shooting
the guns on city property and not necessarily at another person is
a violation of city ordinance.

So parents be warned you could be held responsible if your child is
caught shooting anyone with these guns. The company that makes
Orbeez, Spinmaster, has not addressed the issue publicly yet. The
toy set comes with six tools to roll, snap, and crush so the kids
can easily re-create similar effects they see online.

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