If this isn’t a public service announcement for the dangers of internet dating, than I don’t know what is. A man who was wanted on two counts of murder in Arkansas, was arrested in Wisconsin after he placed an ad on an internet dating site that included his name, address and picture and a line about how he “liked to cuddle,” mere hours before his picture appeared on the television program America’s Most Wanted. It didn’t take long before people who saw his image online alerted authorities and Calvin A. Bennett, 26, was arrested for the murders of Pierce Odell, 79, and his wife, Mary, 78.

The elderly couple was found shot to death outside of their home Nashville, Arkansas on October 30th of this year. Bennett is currently being held without bond in Wisconsin pending his extradition hearing that will take place on December 19th. Bennett reportedly confessed to the murder in an affidavit submitted to the courts. He said that the murders took place during a botched robbery attempt.

Bill Sadler, a spokesman for the Arkansas State Police, said in a statement to the press “He was taken into custody shortly before noon on Sunday, less than 12 hours after his picture was broadcast on ‘America’s Most Wanted,'”

Fugitive seeking love online gets nabbed (Reuters)

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