I spotted an advert on eBay by an online outfit called “iTunesCardDelivery”

Their basic sales proposition being – purchase an i-Tunes voucher from us online and we will send an email with the barcode.

Simple. No need to wait for the voucher to arrive in the mail.

Since I have never heard of these people before, I ordered a $10 voucher as a test.

I paid via PayPal and received emailed confirmation from PayPal of payment.

The only problem is that I cannot extract the promised voucher from iTunesCardDelivery.

At the last count, there are some 20 emails on the subject.

A huge waste of time for them and me, the customer.

Apparently there is a security issue because the registered PayPal email address is different to the email address used to place the order.

iTunesCardDelivery said a verification email would be sent to the email address registered with PayPal. Unfortunately, it never arrived.

I explained why I had two different email addresses and sent itunesCardDelivery a link to my website so they could confirm my identity.

This was not good enough.

The following is an extract from one of their many emails:

Please do ONE of the following:

Send us a photo of yourself holding up your order number on a sheet of paper with your face fully visible next to the paper .

Call us toll-free at [USA] 1+ (800) 257-7220 and leave us a message with your order number.

Send us a photo of yourself holding up your drivers license with your face fully visible next to the ID.

I am not prepared to waste much more time on this outfit bearing in mind:

  1. I have not received the verification email they promised to send. (I have tested the relevant email address and it is receiving emails okay). And no, there in nothing in my junk file.
  2. They have not supplied the goods I ordered and paid for.
  3. I will make the requested telephone call and will update this article in the light of any response.
  4. The whole exercise is supposed to make it easier, not harder, to purchase an i-Tunes voucher online.
  5. It has been a frustrating time-consuming exercise thus far.


I made the telephone call. Still no voucher. Said they did not recognise the number. Phoned from the registered phone number. That too was turned down on the basis that the number was blocked.

Fortunately, someone sent me the i-Tunes code. I can only guess that it was an accident.

I immediately redeemed it before it was blocked.

Another dozen emails generated. That makes over 30 to buy a $10 voucher. And yet more time wasted.

What a joke. Such a good idea spoiled by incompetence.

Comment from Zack of iTunesCardDelivery Customer Support

I am not sure what the issue is here, your order was sent to you and the card worked. We do require additional verification as stated on our website as you are buying an extremely high risk product online. When a new customer can not email us from their paypal email it is almost always fraudulent which leads us to require additional verification. I am sorry for the hassle, but please understand we deal with massive amounts of fraud and this required in order to protect yourself and us from dealing with fraudulent customers. Also due note almost all of our competitors have similar verification methods or have very strict purchase limits. If you need anything else please feel free to let us know.

Zack, it took over 30 emails to extract the code from your firm. That cannot be right. I never did receive the verification email supposedly sent to the PayPal registered email address. All other test emails sent to the same address arrived.

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