I’m not bashing our President or our soldiers, NO I’M TOTALLY NOT. I beg you to understand, I just really wish the war didn’t have to be going on right now. Or ever. I think the bumper sticker I saw yesterday really says it best, ‘you better be nice to us or we’ll bring democracy to your country’. That’s great, isn’t it?!

I try not to be too informed on all things war/political/republican/democratic/Bush related. I hate to have a battle of words with people really passionate about all those subjects I listed too. They really beat me down. I mean, why argue about who is right or wrong when no one really knows the answer to the (ongoing, forever lasting)test that is the war ‘over there’? I think debating is a tool to wear us down so we will dwell on one thing imparticular that a certain head of state has screwed up instead of looking at the big picture. After all, the war is not the only thing in US shambles right now, is it? I mean, really, is it?


There are issues ‘over here’ that really deserve some attention. And as soon as I know a little more about them I will continue this blog….I’m off to get my children from school (where they ate their free lunches and were taught by teachers poorer than even myself!)right now…in my foreign made car with no gas (because my dead beat ex husband won’t pay child support (and no one will help me make him!) and gas is too high)

we’ll talk soon.

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