On June 25, 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea sparking what would become the Korean War. Fifty six years later, Korea is threating to start global thermal nuclear war by launching new nuclear tests. There hasn’t been a nuclear attack since the first bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that pacified Japan’s involvement in World War II. What prevents the recurring outbreak of nuclear holocuast is the prospect of mutual distruction. This was a concept developed during the cold war in the 1970’s, and came to light most notably around the bay of pigs incident involving Russia, Cuba, and the United States. Apparently, the concept of mutual annihilation is not sufficient to disuade the powers that be in Pyongyang. What also does not make sense to me in this whole debacle is the greater prospect of destruction for one side over another. The American nuclear arsenal is of mamouth proportions. Why a new nuclear power would attempt to wage war against an established nuclear power is beyond reason. What this comes down to is the threat of a nuclear weapon disapearing onto the black market and ending up in the trunk of a car in front of the White House. That would be a greater threat than further nuclear tests.

By: R. Andrew Smith
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